Cannes Film Festival

on the red carpet, 2015
members of the public asking for invitations to the evening's film screenings, 2014
the Italian actress and reality TV star, Valeria Marini, 2013
Kendall Jenner, 2015
on the Croisette_2015
a security agent liaises with a collegue using his wrist radio 2014
promotion of the film Trolls, 2016
Woody Allen outside the Palais des Festivals, 2015
Eva Longoria on the Croisette, 2016
Bella Hadid, 2016
Miss Fame, 2016
the palms along La Croisette reflected on to a poster, 2014
a Bollywood film screened on the beach, 2013
call girls walking along the Croisette, 2015
guests look down from their balconies at the Miramar Hotel, 2013
coffee and cigarette break outside the Majestic Barrière Hotel, 2015
the photographers pore over the next day's scheduled photo calls and red carpet events, 2015
a protest on the red carpet after the screening of the Brazilian film Aquarius, 2016
on the Croisette, 2015
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, 2016
red carpet, 2016
Justin Bieber was rumoured to be inside the lobby of the Carlton Hotel.  These girls waited for over an hour, but he didn't appear. 2014
selfie on the red carpet, 2016
Official poster of the 67th Cannes Film Festival featuring a photo of Marcello Mastroianni from Federico Fellini's 1963 film 8½, 2014
Colin Firth, 2016
on the red carpet - 2015
Almost everyone is promoting something during the festival. 2014

an on-going project, started in 2013, documenting the Cannes Film Festival

© Alison McCauley