NU THANKS BOOK, 18 pages of my photographs and an interview, published in South Korea, 2018
Photography is Art Magazine, 8 pages
BLink, the Saturday magazine supplement of The Hindu Business Line (a leading Indian financial daily newspaper)
mercure liquide magazine cover, May 2016
7 pages in OURSTREETS Volume one
Skeleton Key_Zine_3 Photographers_2019
The Hindu_Sept 2017
The Royal Photographic Society Journal, June 2014_1
The Royal Photographic Society Journal, June 2014_2
The Royal Photographic Society Journal, June 2014_ 3
The Royal Photographic Society Journal, June 2014_4
Carnet d'Art-04_2
Carnet d'Art_No 08_2017
Afrique Magazine June July 2015
Carnet d'Art No. 5 _01
Carnet d'Art No. 5_02
Nido Magazine (Stern Group) July 2015
Réponses Photo, Feb 2011
Réponses Photo Magazine, July 2013_a
Réponses Photo Magazine, July 2013_b
Réponses Photo Magazine, July 2013_c
Réponses Photo Magazine, July 2013_d
Carnet d'art No. 02
Carnet d'art No. 02_b
Carnet d'art No. 02_c
Carnet d'Art n°11 - L'Héritage   June, 2018
Signé Genève, Tribune de Genève
Profession Photographe 2014
Flip Magazine 2015
Mille et Une Vies_01
Mille et Une Vies_02
Mille et Une Vies_03
EYESHOT MAGAZINE issue two - 2019
Carnet d'art No. 02_d
AMPS catalogue/11 - a
AMPS/11 catalogue - b
Réponses Photo, Feb 2012
Salon Photo de Riedisheim catalogue
RPS International Print catalogue 2012
Ulla Marthe - Sculpture (my images of UM at work in her studio are included in this book)
Carnet d'art No. 03_a
Carnet d'art o 03_b
Carnet d'art No. 03_c
Carnet d'art No. 03_d
Tribune Rives-Lac, Geneva, June 2, 2014
Profession Photographe , October 2014
Open Show Switzerland 2014-15
Open Show Switzerland 2
Open Show Switzerland 3
Open Show Switzerland 4
Carnet d'Art No. 6
Carnet d'Art No 07

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