About Kucinta Editions

Handmade limited edition books and zines






My passion for photography is matched by my love of photo books.  Books are my preferred way of experiencing and sharing photographs.  I enjoy the process of making books and want to control the final outcome, in book form, of my images.  I hand make books that have the organic, imperfect and intimate feel of my photographs. 


I made my first Kucinta Editions zine, PLASTICSCAPES, in 2018.


A few months before I made this book, I rescued a stray Singaporean street cat.  These street cats are locally known as drain cats or Kucinta cats.  The name Kucinta is an amalgamation of the Malay words kucing (cat) and cinta (love).  I decided to name my handmade books after my amazing tiger-striped drain cat.









© Alison McCauley