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"Through 56 unconventional black and white photos, Alison McCauley shows her distinctive and offbeat view of the Cannes Film Festival. Walking the streets, rubbing shoulders with the famous on the red carpet or letting chance lead her in the streets of Cannes, Alison captures the essence of this global rendezvous of cinema."



  • Temps d'attente - Tant de vie (stories and situations of asylum seekers in Geneva), published by the Hospice général, printed by ATAR, Geneva in March 2016

The book can be purchased here:   Temps d'attente - Tant de vie

Print run 2000, 158 pages, 88 photos

All photographs by Alison, stories transcribed into French by Valentine Sergo

Book design by Carolina Eckell

27.5 x 19.5 centimetres

Cover:  250 g/m2 Profibulk 1.1

Inside pages:  135 g/m2 Profibulk 1.1  






© Alison McCauley