Falling to Pieces

The world fell to pieces in 2020.  The Covid pandemic wrought global chaos and destruction, but my family and I also suffered our own private, parallel tragedies.  As the virus spread through northern Italy, my fit, strong brother-in-law, John, became very weak and disorientated.  Within a week, he was diagnosed with end stage Glioblastoma.


Photographed in and around Cannes in the south of France, Shimmer is a handmade edition of 29 signed and numbered copies featuring 29 photographs printed on archival matte paper, which are then torn at the edge, and washed with coffee or paint. Each book has a weathered tactile presentation, and are all subtly unique.

Dancing with a Cobra


I remember that time we were playing near the edge of the jungle and I came face to face with a cobra. That evening I told my mother I had danced with a snake and I showed her the undulating movement the cobra and I had made as we looked each other in the eye.

I Stayed but my Dream Will Go

“I know I stayed
But my dream will go
Carried by the wind, by the clouds, by the wings.”

Heat Wave

This small edition was made in the summer of 2020, as the world burnt up and went to hell in every way imaginable.

Fragments of Utopia 2020

This book contains 44 images that I took in Auroville, an experimental township located in south-east India. Auroville presents itself as a self-sustaining, utopian paradise.