Anywhere But Here
Photo Editions - 2021

In anywhere but here, Alison McCauley expresses the restless feeling that has haunted her throughout her life: that the place she is in isn’t where she should be, and a conviction that the next place will be better. Taken from 2008 to present, these images—taken in various locations around the world—are a deeply personal reflection of the artist’s emotions, photography being a cathartic means of coming to terms with her constant desire to move. As someone who has always led a semi-nomadic lifestyle, McCauley seeks to explore the idea of not belonging. 

Another Cannes
Carnet d'Art Editions - 2018

"Through 56 unconventional black and white photos, Alison McCauley shows her distinctive and offbeat view of the Cannes Film Festival. Walking the streets, rubbing shoulders with the famous on the redcarpet or letting chance lead her in the streets of Cannes, Alison captures the essence of this global rendezvous of cinema."

Temps d'attente-Tant de vie

Hospice general - 2016

This book tells the stories of asylum seekers in Geneva, though photographs and the words of the asylum seekers themselves.

Dancing with a Cobra
IPA MZ Editions - 2018

"In the beginning of 2016, I moved back to South-East Asia, where I spent my earliest years. This has brought back half-forgotten feelings and hazy memories. Coming back has given me the perfect opportunity to explore these early childhood memories that differ so much from those collected from later periods of my life. As a child I remembered events or details that my adult self would probably find unremarkable and the big life events that an adult might consider important have long disappeared from my memory. There are many memories that probably weren’t formed at the time of the incident, but implanted from stories people told years after the event, like my supposed memory of Lee Kuan Yew’s heartfelt, tearful announcement after Singapore had been expelled from the Federation. I’m sure I was too young to remember this moment in history.